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I still have some leftovers from Artist Alley at Animazement so I figured I’d post ‘em c: I have large and small versions of each print if anyone wants to purchase one or any of the stickers just drop me a message~Shipping varies based on where I need to send it to.

Options-Destiel, Sterek, Merthur, Inked Animals, Pavo Project
Sizes/Pricing- Large: $10 Small: $7

Pricing Depends on Pokemon
Eevee, Espurr, Fennekin, Chespin, Froakie: $1
Jolteon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Espeon, Sylveon, Flareon, Vaporeon: $2
Purchase all three X/Y starters and get Espurr free!
Get all available Eevee evolutions + Eevee for $12
*Umbreon sold out and is thus not available*

The print of the cats is of my own cat, Pavoradi, who passed away during finals week this year. He was only three years old, and the cause of his death was undetected heartworm that he obtained during the early part of his life when he was living on the streets. We treated it and gave him regular checkups but in the end the vet said there was nothing we could do and he left peacefully in his sleep.
Half of all proceeds made from the ‘Pavo Print’ will be part of the ‘Pavo Project’, and donated to the shelter he came from to treat the animals there for heartworm.



Benedict Cumberbatch’s name

Guys commissions are open because I would really like to do some yes. u ^ u <3 Here’s hoping for some hits. You can contact me through a note on deviantArt, or on here, and I will happily get back to you as soon as possible. These are the basic prices I held at my Artists’ Alley Table.

Additionally, I have some surplus prints and stickers from that so I will be posting them as soon as possible. I have every Eevee-lution except for Umbreon (little guy sold out!) as well as Espurr, Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie, as cute stickers. Print-wise I have Sterek, Destiel, and Merthur for the fandom folks, an ink piece for those into original art, and a collection of portraits of Pavo for the Pavo Project, in which all the funds raised through the sales of those prints will be put towards sponsoring animals at the local SPCA of Wake County!

So please do consider me and I am more than happy to accept advice~


They will be opening soon because lord knows I need money for rent next year. So please take some time to check them out when they open, I’ll be eternally grateful. I also have some leftover prints and stickers from the convention (and jewelry) that will be up for sale as well. Everything will be posted just as soon as I get some time to format it all. Thank you to everyone for your patience. If you are one of those really adorable people that want to go ahead and shoot me a message about them 1. I love you and 2. I will respond to you asap.

Much love and blessings to everyone. Thank you for putting up with me, I’m having a really rough time today.


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oh Reginald

please watch this

Iv never been so happy in my life


"What the fuck did I say"

Well congrats, Wendy! Not only did I draw Tolkien fan art for the first time in my life  just for you, I also made it a comic! So happy (late) birthday! I had something fluffier in mind, but then I made a Lion King reference and laughed at myself for 500 years so I’m sorry if it’s not actually funny.